Twitter is Testing a New Design
At a recent team meeting we were discussing new changes in the social media world, and Twitter’s new layout was a hot topic.

When I complained about how drastically different my profile page was and no one shared in my complaint I was slightly surprised. When I turned my laptop around to show the rest of the team my profile they were all shocked because the changes occurring to their profiles were less dramatic.

Twitter has selected random accounts to test out their new layout and I was one of the lucky few!


What does the new Twitter layout look like?

-Larger Photos: Every single photo is larger with the new Twitter layout. The entire top of your profile page is dedicated to a very large cover photo (1500 pixels by 500); similar to Facebook’s cover photo, the Google+ cover photo and the banner image on a YouTube channel. The background themes and photo options are gone leaving only two photo opportunities to brand your page. Also, photos that are tweeted will appear in the newsfeed automatically and are larger than usual.

New Twitter Layout PIC


-Larger Profile Image & Bio: The profile image has shifted to the left of the page and is also larger. The bio is also on a solid white background making it easier to read.

New Twitter Design Photos


-Larger Tweets and Popular Posts: Some of my tweets were appearing larger than others. All of the tweets in the feed are larger at a size 13 font. Possibly one of the most drastic changes are tweets with re-tweets or favorites are oversized at 22.5 size font.

Tweets with New Twitter Design


-Mini Profiles: Looking at who you are following and your followers is very different. Instead of a list of accounts you can see a mini profile showing a larger photo, their bio and their cover photo.

Tweets with New Twitter Design


How will the new Twitter layout affect social media marketing?
If this new Twitter layout is applied to everyone’s accounts eventually there will be some changes in how we use Twitter for social media marketing.

One of the biggest differences will be the importance placed on engagement for each post. Any post without any form of engagement such as a comment, re-tweet or favorite will be shown significantly smaller than a ‘popular’ post. Social media marketers will need to ensure that they are posting quality tweets in order to increase engagement on all of their posts since it will be obvious if a post was not ‘popular.’

Since tweeted photos will appear automatically in the newsfeed and will be larger, it is more important to find photos to tweet. Twitter’s new design is more visually appealing so we should be posting to Twitter like we are to Facebook, but more often. This might be hard if you like to schedule your tweets out using a platform like TweetDeck which does not allow photos in scheduled posts. There are other platforms like HubSpot and HootSuite where you are able to post photos in scheduled tweets.

Another aspect of Twitter trying to focus more on the visual is getting rid of the background photos and having a larger cover photo. While getting rid of the background photo lessens the promotional photos for B2B or the ability to personalize pages for consumers, it will make profile uniform and easier to read without a distracting background. One positive of the new cover photo is that the bio does not cover it now; this allows photos to have easy-to-read text. Marketers will want to make sure the are choosing a high-quality photos for their new cover photo.

My compliant is not that Twitter is changing their layout, but that all of my social media platforms are beginning to look the same. Twitter is putting more of a focus on photos making it look more like Facebook. If all of the social media platforms eventually not only look alike but share the same features and functions, what is the point of having different platforms?

Does your Twitter have the new layout yet? What do you think of the changes?

UPDATE: Another new feature Twitter is testing out are ‘pinned’ tweets. If you had a great tweet that you want to have more exposure this can be ‘pinned’ to remain at the top of your page. The ‘pinned’ posts are similar to Facebook’s ‘Pin to Top’ option, which keeps a post at the top of the page for a week.  ‘Pinning’ will be great for brands running a campaign because instead of creating repeated tweets and risking annoying their followers they can circulate ‘pinned’ tweets for exposure.

These ‘pinned’ posts are just another aspect of the new Twitter design be very similar to Facebook.

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