Have you ever followed brand pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and all they ever do is post links back to their website? I do (as well as many of my friends and colleagues), and I’m not the only one who thinks that it gets rather annoying.

While traffic back to your website can be a goal of a brand’s social media strategy, it should not be the top priority. I am a big believer that the main goal should be engagement; if you create and post engaging content, it will innately create top of mind awareness (TOMA) for the consumer.  When brands achieve a consumer’s TOMA, they will then reap the benefits as they are first on the list when a consumer is ready to buy.

Pandemic Labs, a social media agency, conducted a study on Facebook of 300 brand pages, 150,000 posts, and 700 million likes and learned that photos are bar none the best type of content to draw the highest-level of engagement.  Links, on the other hand, draw the least amount of engagement from fans.

If a company wants a particular message to be shared and spread, they should consider turning their message into a video as the study found that videos are 10x more likely to be shared than links. Ironically, despite a video’s capability to go viral, brands post less videos than they do any other type of content. (For a visual, see the infographic below)

So, an open message to all brand pages: Please stop with the plethora of links and give us consumers a variety of content in your post, especially things we can look at such as movies and pictures. Thank you.




infographic of facebook posts


-Lance Brown