Showing social media ROI can be very difficult, and depending on your business, it can consist of many layers.

Irregardless, here are 4 simple things you can implement that help you track leads, sales and social media ROI.

1) Offer Coupons & Secret Codes

mexican food truck social mediaThrough your social media pages, offer secret deals or codes that people can use upon checkout. If your website doesn’t have a checkout and you’re more of a service-based business, tell your followers to “mention this post” upon payment to receive [10% off, free shipping, a coke, etc.].

2) Link to Landing Pages with Registration Forms

landing pageIf you want to gather leads from your social media channels, then create custom landing pages with registration forms and share those links out via your social media outlets.

3) Create Social Media-Specific Phone Numbers

Are a lot of your sales done over the phone? Then make sure you give Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. their own phone numbers for people to call. That way, when the call comes in, you know what platform is proving your social media ROI.

4) Utilize Features in Google Analytics

google analytics social goalsObviously, if you’re a marketer, you should be using Google Analytics. One overlooked feature is there is a “Social” link under the “Referrals” tab on the left of the page, and Google Analytics will show you what platform is bringing in the most traffic to your site.

Note: some people have found that Google Analytics misses about 30% of social referral traffic (Tweet this)

Also, don’t forget to set up goals in your Google Analytics. For instructions on how to create goals, see the tutorial on Google Analytics Help page

What other insanely easy ways have you shown social media ROI? Tell me what I missed in the comments.


–Lance Brown